Free yourself from telephone companies

LibreMax replaces phone operators using mesh technology, it creates a private network with your friends and family, toll free.

In remote places or in urban areas, LibreMax creates a long distance wireless network between members.
With high speed data it enables advanced features: group text chat, pictures, audio, GPS locations sharing, heartrate monitoring ...

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What it's all about

LibreMax uses a Bluetooth low energy device connected to your iPhone or Android devices to create a mesh network between members.
Every node member acts as an antenna to transmit your messages to your recipients.
It's a fast alternative communication tool to avoid cellular operator.

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Mesh, automatically build your cells network

Each member of your network acts as a hub for the others around, there is no need for a third party operator.

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Works with your smartphone, tablets, iPods any iOS or Android devices BLE enabled

Just put a LibreMax device in your backpack and you are free to go, anywhere you want.

No network coverage in the National park while you are hiking?
No problem, just equip you and your friend with a LibreMax device and you are free to go, up to 4 miles in open environment between two devices, no limit distance with the mesh network

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Privacy safe & secure

LibreMax uses end to end encryption.

Only people knowing the passphrase can join your network, people outside of your network can't access nor read you messages.

Nothing is transmitted to the Internet not even while creating your group and registering your user.

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Small, it fits in your backpack or handbag

LibreMax is very small and thanks to the Bluetooth connection, just put it in your bag and forget it.


What's the status of the product?

First version prototypes are fully working, iOS application is fully operational. Android development should start soon.
Second version focus on LoRa technology, giving a low cost network opportunity.

I want one, where to buy LibreMax?

We are working hard to make LibreMax possible, we are looking for partners, help us and spread the word for LibreMax.

What range can I expect?

Around 1500ft (450m) in urban areas, up to 4 miles (6.5km) in outdoor open areas. Keep in mind that this adds up to the number of nodes in your network, if you are four people visible to each others then you can multiply this by four. Also remember radio waves are tricky and totally depend of the environment.

Is this Internet?

No, LibreMax provides a network connection between group's members to exchange texts, locations, pictures & voice but you can't access Internet without Internet.

Will other LibreMax users I don't know be able to relay my messages?

No, only the people in your group with the same encryption key will be able to relay your messages. The bandwidth is shared accross members so it's better that way, plus your governement will probably forbid to relay anonymous messages!

How is it different from GoTenna?

We love the GoTenna project but their goals are different, LibreMax is to create a fast mesh network available to the public. GoTenna is only legal in the US, you can't travel with it. The frequency used by LibreMax is also known to have better range in urban areas (LibreMax uses 915Mhz, 868Mhz in Europe).

What about privacy?

Using AES 128bits on the radio layer (v1) and software elliptic curves (v2), only people with the right key can see your messages. There is not a single connection to the Internet not even for statistics or tracking and it will remain that way. Registration of new devices is made by sharing QR codes and use the LibreMax network.

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